Organic Skincare is Your Best Option After Laser & Microdermabrasion

Immediately after your laser resurfacing treatment, you will be following the protocol set out by your doctor. Once 4-6 weeks has passed the redness & swelling should be minimal or gone. Don't fret if it has not, as some skin types take longer to heal. I do not recommend using skincare with chemical ingredients ever. This is true especially after laser or microdermabrasion since your skin is more ready to absorb anything you put on it. Make sure your choices are natural & organic. 
While your skin is still uber sensitive I recommend:
Our Bloom Mist to keep skin hydrated and nourished as well as Nectar for a deep hydration. Skin tends to be dehydrated after laser & microdermabrasion and needs a lot of extra moisture.
The Morning Dew filled with ultra calming & soothing herbs is another soothing option with niacidamide for inflammation.
***Always do a patch test before covering your face with any products as your new skin has changed and dealing with a skin reaction on a very small area far beats having it on your whole face and we sometimes do not know our allergies to even the most common skincare ingredients even natural ones.
To receive the most benefit from your procedure once the skin has fully healed you can begin your vitamin C & gentle exfoliation treatments again as these prolong the effects of glowing and vibrant skin, helping in cell turnover and collagen reproduction. 
Glow is a berry-based exfoliant for a gentle and radiant glow while our XIII Moons is a highly effective in encouraging collagen production and contains a non-irritating Vitamin C. 
Also, do not leave the house without SPF. Once you have a laser treatment your skin is now extremely vulnerable to the sun and both hat and SPF are your absolute essentials. Everyday ♡

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