Persnickety Facial

For Temperamental Skin

This is the routine I recommend for skin that is sensitive, inflamed, or suffers from hormonal breakouts.

I. Cleanse with Reveal Cleanser

This cleanser buffs with nourishing and calming clays, then turns into a milk that washes off clean. Apply to dry skin before bath or shower. Let it sit a few minutes  then add water and wash off with a warm cloth.

II. Mask with Divinity in Chocolate

Make a light paste and apply to entire face. (If you are in the mood for some gentle exfoliating, apply in very gentle circular motion.) Allow it to set until dry then rinse with a warm cloth. 
Time-saving tip: This mask/exfoliant can be focused as a spot treatment on troublesome areas. 

III. Treat with Morning Dew

Shake and apply 2-3 pumps to whole face or any areas with redness or skin inflammation. This treatment is a nourishing choice with the concentration of niacidamide helping to ease redness, minimize pores, balance oils, and temper breakouts.

IV. Moisturize: 

...with Elevate Lotion

Massage gently over entire face, neck and dėcolletage. This light hydration also assists in balancing bumpy foreheads and red skin that produces too much oil.

Apply 2 - 4 drops over the entire face. For those who suffer from hormonal acne on the chin and have t-zone oiliness with dry patches, this oil can be applied to chin and jawline as a spot treatment. Northern Lights will NEVER clog pores or create more breakouts, it will only calm them.