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Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Your skin produces excess oil, it can be an all over shine or t zone with larger visible pores. These areas can have breakouts or large areas covered in acne. Your first inclination might be to exfoliate to reduce oil and help your pore size but this usually increases oil production as it damages the skin, it’s ph and microbiome. This can contribute to over growth of bacteria and infection. Oily skin needs to be properly hydrated and as we age oil rich skin is a beautiful quality that ages more slowly and just needs to be balanced to make it work for us. The key is the provide the skin with enough hydration it doesn’t need to over produce oil to compensate for what is feels it is lacking.

A Simple Ritual

Reveal Cleansing Balm or Unveil Cleansing Oil (deep cleaning)

Morning Dew Serum

2-4 drops of Northern Lights Face Oil


More Skin Lovin Ritual

Reveal Cleansing Balm (a.m.) and Unveil Cleansing Oil (p.m.)

Bloom Mist

Morning Dew Serum

Spring Fever Cream (a lil dab will do ya)

repeat Bloom Mist

2-4 drops of Northern Lights Face Oil


The Spa Experience

Reveal Cleaning Balm (a.m.) and Unveil Cleansing Oil (p.m.)

Gaia Detox Masque or Sweetest Blues Mask 2 x / week

Bloom Mist

Morning Dew Serum

Spring Fever Cream

Northern Lights Face Oil (for hormonal breakouts) or

Illuminate C Balm


 Ready to get your skin glowing? Here are some tips to get you started!

1) Hydrate! Be mindful to drink enough water. Flushing the body and staying hydrated helps keep skin clear and balance hydration from the inside. You don’t wanna open up your pores before loading on product in the morning!

2) Do not over wash. Oily skin does not need to be stripped it is crying for more moisture, just the right kind. So don’t continually try to remove oil. Let’s replace with the right kind.

3) Eat the rainbow. Eating a whole lot of veggies, especially those dark leafy greens will give you a good dose of vitamins. Along with fish oils or hemp, flax and walnuts will provide the building blocks for healthy skin cells. Vitamin A and Zinc also help a whole lot to support healthy skin function.

4) Moisturize Smarter, not Harder. I know what you're thinking, why add more moisture onto an already greasy face? But the reason your skin might be so oily is because it's working extra hard to hydrate. Try using an oil face cleanser or moisturizer before bed. This will help your skin relax and give it the hydration it may well be asking for.


 Hello there, its a pleasure to meet you! I'm Kimberly, the passionate founder and formulator of Sage’s Sparrow Skincare. As a licensed holistic esthetician and skin expert with 27 years of experience, I've poured my heart and soul into crafting conscious, sustainable and highly effective skincare solutions.

At Sage's Sparrow, authenticity is at the core of everything we do. That's why I grow, make and meticulously select all the botanicals used in my products. From nurturing the plants to formulating the final product, every step is infused with love, care and expertise.

My journey began out of a personal need to create products with transparency that catered to my clients needs and my own struggle to find products a that were gentle and healthy but also delivered results. Having battled with severe eczema and sensitive skin my whole life, I understand the struggles firsthand. That's why I am here to empower you with organic skincare options and healthy lifestyle choices to achieve your skin health goals.

With a holistic approach, we view the skin as a reflection of the body's internal state, listening to what it tells us to guide our skincare philosophy. And if you ever feel overwhelmed, remember I offer personalized skin consultations to provide you with the extra support and guidance you need.

 Much Love Always,



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