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About Kimberly


“As healers, we do not directly heal.
We merely hold the sacred space
for you to heal yourself.”
Kimberly Davitsky, creator 


A Note from Kimberly ...

When I was a young girl, my grandmother introduced me to the healing medicine of plants. As I grew, my childhood fascination with making potions evolved into a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the true potency and healing capacity of the natural world.

This passion led me to receive my education in Shiatsu, Thai and Chinese Medicine Theory, Ayurvedic, Holistic and Western skincare practices, Facial Reflexology, Qi Beauty, Nutrition, and Vibrational Medicine.

I have practiced as a Licensed Esthetician in British Columbia for 27 years, offering massage, shiatsu therapy and holistic facials to my devoted local clientele here in Nelson BC. 

Creating Sage’s Sparrow Skincare was a natural evolution of my hands-on practice.

I have worked with thousands of women and have observed first-hand how different each of us is and what works and what doesn’t. These discoveries -- in addition to the care and connection experienced in my treatment room -- are what I strive to bring to life in every one of my products.

I want to empower my clients with skincare knowledge and hold space for the skin to find it’s own natural balance with non invasive practices and gentle products that do not harm our planet or our bodies.

This makes Sage's Sparrow products sing with potency and high vibration. They are designed to work on all aspects of your well being, allowing a deeper connection to ourselves and the earth.

My products are hand-crafted from the finest ingredients -I love to meticulously source the best quality oils and grow bioregional plants to support skin's ability to heal itself.

I work endlessly to bring you the highest quality plants and oils while preserving the living nature of each ingredient. I grow and harvest locally as much as I can, honouring what is collected, using only what is needed, and always allowing the plant to thrive with minimal impact.

When sourcing products that cannot be grown in BC, I strive to support ethically harvested ingredients from around the world, fair-trade, cruelty free and without nasty chemicals that harm the skin’s microbiome.

I believe that healthy skin comes from a deep connection to our bodies as a whole. 

Proper sleep, stress management, hydration, clean diet and a positive mindset are all contributing factors. With deep, loving intention, I invite you to experience my skinCARE collection as part of a holistic body approach. Vibrant health and graceful aging will surely follow.