Spring Facial Ritual

For All Skin Types

Follow these instructions and treat yourself to a calming, winter DIY facial that will leave you feeling deeply hydrated and nourished.

I. Cleanse with Unveil Cleansing Oil

Apply to dry skin and massage gently. This can be left on for up to 30 minutes and will work its magic. Rinse with a warm cloth to remove.
This cleanser is a deep cleanser with nourishing qualities. It will help remove blackheads and unclogged pores with daily use.

II. Mask with Sweetest Blues (1-2x/week)

This cooling, sweet mask does it all -- smoothes, nourishes, and hydrates your skin. Loaded with detoxifying, mineral-rich skin food, this antioxidant formula will leave you feeling clear, replenished, and vibrant.

Made with pore-cleansing and balancing Canadian Glacial clay, antioxidant rich blue algae, blueberries and hibiscus, Sweetest Blues draws impurities from the skin, calms and soothes, gently exfoliates, strengthens, and encourages skin's circulation.

III. Serum with Nectar

Apply 3 pumps and massage into freshly misted skin.
This powerful serum quenches and plumps thirsty skin, and rich in plant based hyaluronic acid holds water in your skin.

IV. Hydrate with Spring Fever or A Ritual of Roses

Either moisturizer will suit all skin types it just depends on the amount you use. If skin is oilier use less and mist skin prior to application, use 1/2 pea sized amount to start and wet fingers after for further working in the product until it’s just right. 

V. Boost with Illuminate C

Seal in all that hydration with a small amount of this luxurious balm. Protecting skin for water loss and the elements. This can be used as a night mask or overnight treatment with a heavier application.

Treat Eyes with Awaken Eye Butter (optional) 

Apply a very small amount to orbital bones around the eye. (Do not apply to the lid.)
Although this step is optional, it is a lovely addition to your routine as it protects the eye area from uv rays and dryness.