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Qi Beauty Facials & Booking

The Qi Beauty techniques is the application of 1000 double gold plated magnetic on the skin in what is called a matrix, which are placed gently on the meridians to create a static magnetic field to help remove blockages and encourage lift.

Qi Beauty facials work to encourage skin repair at the cellular level. It excites the cells to become more energetic, penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin and encouraging movement of the fluids and skin nutrients up towards the skin’s surface. It assists in detoxification and regeneration of healthy skin cells.


The benefits

Your skin will visibly improve after your first treatment and clinical results have shown to assist in:

*Plumping and toning dehydrated skin
*Lifting and defining facial features 
*Decreasing pore size
*Reducing appearance of pigmentation 
*Reducing depth of wrinkles
*Repairing/Reducing broken capillaries 
*Supporting and maintaining healthy skin
*Reestablishing healthy conditions for skin’s microbiome 

Qi Beauty Facial 60-70 min $185


Qi Beauty Facial with Myofascial Facelift 90 min $235


Qi Beauty Pro aging Neck Treatment 75min $185


Qi Beauty Eye or Lip Treatment