Reactive & Impaired Barrier


Reactive Skin / Impaired Skin Barrier

 This is skin type is sensitive to products, reactive to foods, environment and even emotions. It indicates that you need to repair the skin’s Ph, microbiome and use products that are extremely gentle on your skin to encourage healthy skin cell growth and re-establish your skin’s protective barrier.


A Simple Ritual

Reveal Cleansing balm

Spring Fever Cream / Ritual of Roses Cream (for a heavier option)


A More Pampering Ritual

Reveal Cleaning Balm

Bloom Mist

Spring Fever Cream or Ritual of Rose Cream

Daydreamin Face Oil or Cozy Barrier Repair


Ready to get your skin healthy? Here are some tips to get you started!

1) Stop exfoliating and using gel cleansers! There is no need to exfoliate. I know you may Love that squeeky clean feeling but your skin cells serve a great purpose until they fall of your face all by themselves. It’s like removing shingles from your roof. Gel cleansers, even if they say gentle non stripping, they are decieving you. And will strip your skin of it’s natural oils that help you stay in balance.

2) Lets keep it simple. We want to repair the skin natural balance so keeping your skin routine simple, hydrating with the right level of moisture and soothing inflammation, to allow the skin to find its balance once again.

3) Seal in that moisture! We want to baby that skin barrier and make it feel protected so that healthy skin cells on the way can stay healthy. The right kind of oils and balms will do just that without clogging pores.

4) Avoid certain foods. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol, as well as spicy foods and nightshades can help speed things up



 Hello there, its a pleasure to meet you! I'm Kimberly, the passionate founder and formulator of Sage’s Sparrow Skincare. As a licensed holistic esthetician and skin expert with 27 years of experience, I've poured my heart and soul into crafting conscious, sustainable and highly effective skincare solutions.

At Sage's Sparrow, authenticity is at the core of everything we do. That's why I grow, make and meticulously select all the botanicals used in my products. From nurturing the plants to formulating the final product, every step is infused with love, care and expertise.

My journey began out of a personal need to create products with transparency that catered to my clients needs and my own struggle to find products a that were gentle and healthy but also delivered results. Having battled with severe eczema and sensitive skin my whole life, I understand the struggles firsthand. That's why I am here to empower you with organic skincare options and healthy lifestyle choices to achieve your skin health goals.

With a holistic approach, we view the skin as a reflection of the body's internal state, listening to what it tells us to guide our skincare philosophy. And if you ever feel overwhelmed, remember we offer personalized skin consultations to provide you with the extra support and guidance you need.

Together let's embark on a journey to healthier, happier skin. 

 Much Love Always,




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