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My Skincare Philosophy

“As above so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” 

~ Hermes Trismegistus

Our skin is a reflection of what is taking place inside our bodies. Imbalances in our nervous and digestive system affect the qi that flows thru our meridians and interrupts our lymphatic flow. This will be reflected in the vitality of our skin, our wrinkles, inflammation, acne and whether or not our skin glows! 

I am committed to supporting your skin’s needs and after 26 years as a Licensed esthetician and skin care nurturer, I have a deep understanding about the synchronicity of our overall well being and how that contributes to our skins health.  A love of all things skin related, I feel a deep honoring of the medicines  that grow all around me which has inspired me to seek out both traditional and holistic methods.


I began with traditional esthetics training, which I was not super interested in, the harsh chemical peels and fragrances where all too much, but I was drawn to anatomy and physiology centered subjects. It was also through this training that I discovered my love for massage therapy.

A few months after I graduated as a licensed esthetician I had an opportunity to work in an Ayurvedic spa. It was the first to open in Canada and we had the opportunity to train in Ayurvedic facial concepts and treatments as well as Pancha karma body treatments by Jaisari Lambert and Melanie Sachs. That is what truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could learn and what else was out there.

I continued to learn more as I went on to study Shiatsu therapy and Chinese medicine theory at the Canadian Acupressure Institute. What I learned there only made me want to learn more and I spent the following years learning Ayurvedic massage , yoga in India, Traditional Thai massage in Thailand, followed by herbalism, nutrition and aromatherapy. In more recent years, I have delved into a deep study of face reflexology (2 styles), Gua sha (traditional and fusion), lymphatics and myofascial facial treatments.

I strive to offer non-invasive yet transformative facials, that treat the nervous and lymphatic systems as well as releasing fascia to soften wrinkles and gracefully age. I can help identify dietary changes that can shift inflammatory skin conditions and promote healthy skin and a holistic approach to your skincare. I want to share an understanding that clean and gentle skincare choices and some lifestyle changes can dramatically impact your skin and wellbeing. Our skin is a reflection of what is happening on the inside and particularly with our gut health and mental state. I believe together we can find the right balance for you so you can achieve vibrant, glowing skin.


My skincare practice fuse many modalities with clean, plant based and slow crafted skincare to help balance and support the skins flow of nutrients, qi, blood, lymph and facsia. No two facials are the same. Each one is a customized to your experience and unique needs in that moment. You will find relaxation easy during your facial with a cozy bed and warm towels, a healing touch through massage and various other modalities, which will provide your skin with the nourishment it needs. 

Each facial uses my organically and slow crafted products with a customized apothecary to make each treatment unique.

Releasing stagnation and flow, I diagnosis using a technique called face mapping, then work on opening lymphatic blockages, treatment with face reflexology, Gua sha, facial cupping, acupressure and/or release of fascia, facial sculpting and a nervous system reset. When you experience one of my facials these are all possibilities because your skins needs may change over time. I assess what you need in that moment and treat accordingly to achieve the balance in your treatment.

My greatest goal is to help you achieve healthy and glowing skin while protecting your skin’s microbiome by using gentle techniques that will help you achieve your skin care goals.


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