Spring A Gentle Detox

A Time to Begin Anew
The snow has finally melted and we can see what has been uncovered. I find this to also resonates within the body and manifests on the skin. The habits or indulgences we partake in throughout the winter tend to physically manifest in the body when spring comes. Which is why many of us choose to detoxify, cleanse and change to our rituals in spring begins.
Here are a few suggestions for gentle detox and support as we transition into a more active state of being and wake up our organs and support the liver as in Chinese medicine it is the season of the wood element governing the liver and gallbladder.
1.Drink water. Simple easy and should be a daily practice everyday of the year.
You can begin the day with a full glass of water upon waking, left at your bedside the night before. Ready and waiting to help flush the toxins and rehydrate you first thing.
2. Drink a glass of warm lemon water to wake up the digestive system, can help move the bowels and boost energy levels.
3. Incorporate more dark leafy greens and lightly steamed vegetables into your diet, as well as seasonal berries as they become available. Juicing is also a great way to get a whole lot of vegetables in.
4. Dry brushing and a great way to increase circulation and flush toxins from the skin and body. Always work towards the heart with long strokes and gentle pressure.
Hydrate the skin with a nourishing body butter or oil.
5.Reduce caffeine and sugar intake. The craving for more caffeine and or sugar is usually because our bodies feel tired in the day but replacing these choices with herbal teas such as nettle or dandelion will help support the liver and kidneys to function better and help you feel less tired rather than overtaxing the adrenals. A greens drink is a great ways to boost your energy and feel clear in the afternoon.
6.Include digestive bitters into your diet before bigger meals to help support both better digestion and gentle liver and gallbladder support.
7.Breath or mediate. Check in with your body and see what it is needing. Just taking a few moments everyday to just be quiet, catch your breath and still will allow you to feel what your body is needing from you in the moment. Which maybe just that time to be quiet.
8.Exercise. Go for a walk. Get your heart pumping and blood flowing! A 20-30 minute walk or hike is a great way to get things moving and flowing better. Enjoy the budding trees and beginnings of the spring bloom. If you suffer from season allergies, supporting the liver and respiratory system is a must!
Follow this recipe to support immune function, cleanse the blood, combat fatigue, chemical sensitivities, allergies and digestive problems, constipation and sluggish liver. All you need is a mason jar a few beets and some salt and water.
BRILLIANT!!!! And my go to spring time fav

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